Personal Development

 Full Circle Consultancy 

Melanie Sackfield is the director and founder of Full Circle Consultancy . 

A trained coach with a supportive but challenging approach to personal development.

If you believe, move out of your comfort zone and try it, you can achieve. 

Is it time for You? 

Have you lost focus? 
Unsure of what to do next? 
Do you need support in finding your way? 

Discover what is holding you back, discover your strengths and develop your plan for the future, set goals and understand how to make them happen. 

Contact me to start your journey
Personal Development 

We all plan months in advance  for our Holiday - the journey to the destination, and what we might do when we have arrived. Why don't we plan the journey through our lives or career in the same way? 

Melanie Sackfield,  has a series of sessions that support the creation of personal or career goals, supporting action planning to make your goals become a reality. 

These sessions can be run for your leadership team or aspiring leaders within your organisation, or join us as an individual at one of our sessions.  Contact us for more information.
Leadership Development 

If you are a new or aspiring leader or manager get in touch to work together. 
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